Aka Ryu Badge 



The kanji (Japanese writing ) on our badge reads Aka (red) Ryu (dragon not school that’s a different Kanji) Ju-Jutsu (art of compliance)



 The Romanji (English writing)  reads Aka Ryu Ju-Jitsu


We should technically be called Aka Ryu Ju- Jutsu, as we are using the kanji for Jutsu and we are teaching Jutsu. We have kept Jitsu as the English translation not out of ignorance but out of respect for our previous sensei who either rightly or wrongly used this translation.


The Phoenix

In Japan the “Immortal Bird” is a symbol of justice, obedience, the sun and fidelity. The Phoenix represents the fire element and Yang – the female force. The Phoenix is associated with representing a number of good qualities like kindness, duty and being reliable.


The Dragon


 Dragons represent the element wood, family, protection, longevity, and Yin -the male force.

The dragon has a deep history and symbolism in Japanese culture. In Japan dragons go by the names of tatsu and ryu. They are long, skinny and scaly almost  serpent like and are believed to live around water. According to Japanese tradition the dragon held the position of a god.

Many Japanese people believe that the first emperor of Japan was somehow descended from a dragon, giving it a position of high respect in Japanese culture.

 The dragon and the phoenix are enemies and are often depicted together in Japanese art and tattoos.


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